The Best Of Zach Braff’s Reddit AMA

Your opinion of Zach Braff is likely synonymous with how you feel about Scrubs. If you love the show, and by proxy Dr. John Dorian, you have a soft spot for him, and can hardly go a day without at least one “EAAAGGGGLLLEEEEE.” If you hate the medical sitcom, well, you’re probably not a big fan of Garden State, either.

/listens to the Shins for 15 minutes

We’re big Scrubs supporters ’round these parts, so whenever Braff does something, like perfectly comment on a Mitt Romney photo or hold a Reddit Ask Me Anything, as he did yesterday (in support of his role as a talking monkey in Oz the Great and Powerful), we’ll be there. Our guy love is too strong. Here’s the best of his AMA, featuring questions about the Janitor, Brown Bear, and whether he and Sarah Chalke ever got it on.

What to expect from a Zach Braff AMA

Did you and Sarah Chalke ever actually have sex? Be honest, man.

Not vaginally.

just anal then?



I would like to ask if you are going to make another film soon. Garden State is one of my favorite movies and would love to see you direct something again.

YES! Working hard on this. It’s been hard to pull something together that I could get financed. Even after the success of Garden State, people just want you to make the same thing over and over. (And keep in mind everyone in Hollywood- EVERYONE – passed on GS. Eventually I found an ex-mortgage broker who took a risk on me.) I’m trying to hard to only do movies I’d wanna see myself. Which means one has to be patient and work even harder to get stuff made you believe in. I have a new screenplay I’ve written with my brother, Adam, and the response has been amazing. We’re praying (oops sorry Reddit) we’re hoping, that it goes into production this summer. I’ll star and direct.

I was on /r/gonewild just after you posted about it on Facebook and got it it flooded with dozens of beautiful women dedicating their posts to you. I didn’t know you had posted about it on Facebook and assumed you were some sort of international sex God. Are you an international sex God?

No. That gonewild day was insane though. I definitely think as I’m headed towards the white light on my deathbed I’ll remember a full day of reddit boobies dedicated to me.

This is probably how you felt during.

This is exactly how I felt. Could not have said it better myself.

How was your off screen relationship with John C. McGinley while doing Scrubs?

He is really that intense. I love him to death. He’s pretty much that guy, but a giant teddy bear and the best Dad in the WORLD!

On this, how about Neil Flynn?

Neil is hilarious. He made up most of his lines. Sometimes a script would show up and when Neil enters it would just say (Neil makes up something and then exits.) A true genius improvisor…BTW, Neil wasn’t even supposed to have such a big part in the show. He was so genius in the pilot that Bill added him permanently.


Did The Janitor really want to kill you?

After 8.5 years everyday together, we all wanted to kill each other sometimes. There’s full episodes where Sarah and I or Donald and I were in a fight and not even talking to each other.

How can you act like you’re OK with them then? (While on set)

I’m sure you’ve had to go out with your significant other when you’ve just had a fight and you’re both acting like everything’s fine… When they called action Sarah and I would hug and make out or whatever and then when they called cut we’d ignore each other like boxers after a bell.


I swear I would watch anything you [and Donald] do together again!

I dream that one day we’ll do a “buddy-cop” movie together. Maybe Bill Lawrence would write it. Something about Donald and I as truly inept cops makes me giggle.


There was an AskReddit thread yesterday discussing emotional episodes that catch you unawares in a sitcom. Scrubs was mentioned again and again, mostly for the episodes where Dr. Cox loses 3 patients, and the one where Ben Frasier dies. My question, in a show that had a lot of episodes that had serious meaning, which meant the most to you?

I love the one where Frasier dies, but my favorite was the third episode we ever did; the one where we each lose our first patient. Thought the writing was insanely good and really set the tone early for what the show could be; have you laughing one second and crying the next.


A friend of mine is interviewing Donald Faison next week–any fun suggestions for how to screw with him?

Ask him what he likes more, weed or animating Legos?


After all those years of JD pining over Elliot did you ever have romantic feelings for Sarah Chalke?

Of course. But we’ve all moved on. She is engaged. And I have Donald.

Do you actually like Appletinis?

I’m so sorry, but no. Not at all. It’s sugar. Sugar makes you hungover. Don’t be mad at me…


What’s your favorite Scrubs episode?

I’m biased; I like the bigger scale ones I directed. “My Way Home” (the Wizard of Oz) one, the Fairy Tale one, the one where Donald and I go on a quest to find Molly to give her the note that says I can have sex with her from Sarah. That’s probably my uber fave, cause it was a HUGE episode and the first I directed. (And the macking with Heather was a bonus…)

Tell us more about the macking with Heather!

Mmmm. Heathery…Heather actually lives above me in NYC and just had a fire in her place. So my Heather-boner is somewhat curtailed by the fact that my apartment is semi-fucked. Not to worry though, a Heather boner never disappears for too long.

What happened?

Heather is so hot, she came fire.

Who has a nicer bong, you or Faison?

I love smoking Donald’s brown bong.


Zach, the scene with you and Michael J. Fox is one of my favorites from scrubs. Which character played via celebrity cameo was your favorite?

Love this one and of course the late John Ritter. He was/is a hero of mine. When I was a kid, Three’s Company was my introduction into physical comedy. He was a master. True story: I sat down at the dinner table as a little boy and said, “Dad, why does my penis get hard when I look at Chrissy from Three’s Company?”


Did you feel that Scrubs Season 9 was definitely not needed?

I thought it was worth it to try to keep it going. It works on some shows like ER or House. You never know. But it turns out… y’all hated it!


How emotional were you during the Scrubs Season 8 finale?

Very sad. That scene where I walk down the hallway passed all of the supporting characters. I cried. And then watching that video projected on the sheet… I lost it. Most people don’t know this, but the janitor who pulls the sheet down and says goodbye is Bill Lawrence. (the show’s creator)


What’s it like being a never-nude?

I loved it! I wanted to be involved somehow with Tobias in this new season/movie, but my phone hasn’t rung. How great would it be to see Tobias at a never-nude convention?


Is Hooch really crazy?

Hooch is in-f*cking-sane. This is not a joke. Hooch is out of his mind. If you ever see Hooch…run.