The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

12.07.11 18 Comments

You might think that headline is an exaggeration, but I swear to you — on the eyes on my unborn children — that it is not. This video of a man whistling “Georgia On My Mind” on some sort of talk show, unearthed by Videogum our own Brandon Stroud at With Leather, has everything: Man with a mullet – check. Man with a mullet and a luxurious mustache – check. Man with a mullet, a luxurious mustache, and an oddball talent that results in him making ridiculous faces on live television – check. … Hmm. Now that I look over that list, perhaps you and I have a different definition of “everything.”

But even if a hilariously dated video of a mustachioed man making pained faces while whistling a Ray Charles song isn’t your thing (you monster), you still must watch this video for the reaction shots. Especially the children. Oh dear Lord, the children. Thanks to their youthful innocence and lack of fully-developed social skills, they make some of the most terrific perplexed/horrified faces you will ever see. Please especially note the boys at the 0:40 and 0:50 marks whose brains are about to melt and leak out their ears, and the young lady at the 1:04 mark (pictured at right) who manages to sum up the whole video in less than three seconds of screen time. She and this video are truly American treasures.

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