‘The Boys’ Star Tomer Capone Can’t Watch Superhero Movies Anymore: ‘The Show Just Wiped That Away’

As The Boys continues to roll out its third season to rave reviews, Israeli actor Tomer Capone, who plays Frenchie on the hit series, has opened up about what it’s like filming the wild show. More specifically, how The Boys completely ruined his ability to enjoy superhero movies thanks to the series’ brutal, unflinching, and at times, orgasmic look at what costumed heroes would really be like if they existed in the modern world.

During a lengthy interview on how he ended up on the raunchy streaming series, Capone revealed that he used to love a good comic book movie, but that’s completely out the window after diving into The Boys‘ source material. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

I think it ruined the whole superhero experience for me. I used to think that men in Spandex who have special powers are cool. But this show just wiped that away. When I see superheroes on screen, I don’t buy it anymore. In the last 10 years, everybody was into the whole superhero thing, trying to run away from reality. And then I read The Boys and I’m like, ‘They took the genre and f*cking flipped it.” They said, ‘Let’s see how superheroes act in front of the mirror when they’re finishing their day. What are they really about when they’re taking the Spandex off?’

While Capone clearly picked up what The Boys has been throwing down, the same can’t be said for some fans of the show who are only just now realizing that Antony Starr’s Homelander is the bad guy. Following the release of Season 3 Episode 5, disgruntled fans started raging on Reddit that the show was somehow doing Homelander dirty by highlighting his similarities to Trump. We’re talking about a character who’s a known rapist, let an entire plane full of people die, dated a literal Nazi, and forced a teenager to commit suicide. What part of that screams good guy?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)