‘The Boys’ Lets Everyone Know What Soldier Boy *Really* Thinks Of His ‘Just Say No’ PSA

And the truth comes out…

The Boys frequently favors a tongue-in-cheek approach for how its heroes face forward to the press, and fans are usually aware of how things really flow behind the Vought International scenes for The Seven. However, the show’s flat-out telling us (ahead of time) what to expect from Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy.

Of course, this is happening shortly after the show released a Nancy Reagan-style “Just Say No” PSA that showed how living time capsule (and Captain America parody) Soldier Boy instructed kids to embrace their superpower of saying “no” to drugs. The twist there is that the Compound V-fueled Supes do indulge in illicit substances, including A-Train and his speedy, performance-enhanced ways. Here’s the original PSA, if you haven’t caught it already.

And here’s Soldier Boy, talking about how much he hates saying such things and admitting how much he adores drugs. “If taking drugs is uncool,” he declares before knocking back a flask (of something). “Then I’m the most uncool motherf*cker on the planet.”

Well then, it sure sounds like Colby Minifie’s Ashley Barrett will have her PR-embracing hands full once Soldier Boy starts popping off in public.

Back in the day, Soldier Boy led the group of Compound V-powered Supes called Payback, who were all failed The Seven hopefuls, and showrunner Eric Kripke has explained that, in the show, Payback “was the Seven before the Seven.” As for Jensen Ackles, fans have been looking forward to the Supernatural star reteaming with Kripke, and the buildup has included Ackles admitting that he felt (while getting ripped) “too old for this crap.” Nonetheless, he’s in it, and the results will soon be visible for all.

The Boys are back (yes, yes, yes) for Season 3 on June 3.