‘The Daily Show’ Went All-In On ‘Epic News Bro’ Chris Cuomo With A Segment Targeting His Disgraced Brother Andrew, Too

Chris Cuomo’s brother, Andrew, is probably having the worst week in the extended family tree when you consider he just resigned in shame following a sprawling sexual misconduct scandal. Absolutely obliterating your own political legacy in New York State is one thing, sure, but The Daily Show is here to remind us that Chris, the CNN anchor who spent a lot of time hanging out with his brother on camera, isn’t out of the woods yet either.

The “Dailyshow-ogrophy” of Cuomo was released on Friday, an 11-minute collection of lowlights from Cuomo’s time on CNN over the years. The segment asks how we know what makes a great journalist, with the conclusion being that the greatest journalist who “simply knows that they’re the greatest and will throw down with anyone who disagrees.” It’s pretty telling, and describes his biggest asset being “bullying people like a coach on The Biggest Loser.”

It’s all cringe-worthy stuff, especially given the context that’s been widely reported (that the television-brother was allegedly deeply involved in the government-employee-brother’s defense-strategy against the multiple allegations against him in recent months). As of Friday, one of the brothers is still employed. But The Daily Show certainly makes a good point that Chris isn’t exactly a shining example of ethics here, either.