The Explosive New Season Of ‘Mythbusters’ Will Break Bad With Jonathan Banks And Vince Gilligan

The new season of Mythbusters is almost upon us and Discovery has launched a new trailer for their upcoming episodes. The above video features Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman rocketing up into space while also tackling some big pop-culture myths, including Walter White’s homemade machine gun from the Breaking Bad series finale. As you can see from the clip, Jonathan Banks and Vince Gilligan even stop by to assist in the busting.

TVLine shared an exclusive clip from the new season — you can see it here — featuring our intrepid hosts attempting to blow a boat completely out of water using 1,000 pounds of high powered explosives. Yay! Science, bitch!

Mythbusters will return to Discovery for its new season on Saturday, July 18, at 9/8c.

(Via Discovery and TVLine)