The Extraordinary Step Forward In NBC’s New Trailer For ‘Heroes: Reborn’

Senior Writer
06.25.15 7 Comments

We won’t be seeing an extended trailer for NBC’s new, rebooted, and hopefully improved Heroes: Reborn until Comic-Con, but those of us not cool enough to grab a seat in Hall H can settle for this new preview. In “The Extraordinary Among Us,” we get a good look at everyone from the man in the horn-rimmed glasses and Chuck’s Zachary Levi to a badass-looking girl with a sword and an angry younger guy who looks like he leaped out of an Abercrombie catalog and landed on his kid brother’s Legos. Why are you so mean-looking, handsome young adult with amazing, godlike powers?

Meanwhile, it seems the people across the world who weren’t blessed with powers are in desperate need of heroes, and the best way to find them is apparently to deface property. Not cool, those in need of saving. Not cool.

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