The Final Season Of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Will Jump Into A Different Era

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We have not spoken much of Boardwalk Empire in months, not since it was announced that this season will be the fifth and final season of the series of the HBO series, as Terry Winter is leaving to run HBO’s Scorsese produced Mick Jagger biopic (with Bobby Cannavale, Olivia Wilde, and Juno Temple). When last we left the series, it was 1924 and things were not looking so good for most of the main cast of the series.

In fact, the Boardwalk Empire fourth-season finale ended on a very down note (SPOILERS): Richard Harrow had died after accidentally killing Chalky’s daughter. Chalky, having failed to have Dr. Narcisse killed, retreated to Havre de Grace; Dr. Narcisse was caught and turned into an FBI informant; Nucky had nearly lost his entire operation after his brother Eli had informed on him to save his son, and Eli had ended up killing the FBI agent who forced him into the deal. Gillian, too, had been shipped off to prison on a murder charge.

How will the show deal with the immediate aftermath of all that change? By not dealing directly with it. In fact, according to Michael K. Williams, who plays Chalky White, there will be a considerable time jump in the final season.

From HBOWatch:

The storyline has jumped seven years [into the future], which is why I have the beard now. The Depression has set in. The days of the shiny shoes and fancy suits are long gone.”

That is a huge change for a show that’s been characterized by the excess of the roaring 1920s. That should bring the show into 1931, which is also near the end of the Prohibition era (meaning, Nucky’s biggest source of income is about to dry up). That should solve the Gillian in prison problem, however, as she may be due for release then. As for Chalky himself, he’ll be looking to return and settle an old score with Narcisse.

That should make for an exciting, shortened final season.

Source: HBO Watch

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