The Internet Decoded Doctor Krieger’s Launch Code From This Week’s ‘Archer’ And It Is Absolutely Perfect

This sort of thing is why I love the internet. When I was watching this week’s Archer it didn’t even cross my mind to pay attention to the hexadecimal code that the Doctor Krieger clone entered as the launch code for the giant nerve gas missile, let alone decode it. But of course one observant Redditor did just that. He or she deserves all the credit for unearthing this wonderful gem so here’s their walk through…

OF COURSE. What else could it have been? My childhood validated! There’s perfect and then there’s perfect, and this is the latter. So much so I’m not even going to point out it was the clone who actually uses the cheat code. OR WAS IT?

UPDATE: As now confirmed by Floyd County’s Mark Paterson in the comments thread.

Via r/Funny