The Internet Gloriously Applies ‘Zombieland’ Rules To The Characters Of ‘The Walking Dead’

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08.19.13 5 Comments

There are a ton of zombie comedies in the marketplace, and one of the best — in fact, one of the best horror comedies, period — is Zombieland. In one of my prouder moments as a movie critics, I described the experience of watching Zombieland thusly: “Spend 90 minutes in Zombieland, and you will walk out with an all-out pound-a-stranger up against a hospital wall zombie erection. And you will ride that wood until there’s hair in your teeth, blood on the wall, and it’s time to consult a doctor because your four hours are over, motherf**ker, and you’re still sporting a full-on zombie chubby.” I still don’t understand why I didn’t get a Pulitzer for that.

Anyway, one of more fun things about Zombieland are the rules for surviving drummed up by screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, like Rule #2: Double Tap, because you never really know if that f***er is dead. It only makes sense that someone over on Reddit would eventually apply those brilliant Zombieland rules to The Walking Dead, which returns on October 13th.

It’s as great as you’d imagine.

(Thanks, Reddit!)

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