Watch The LAPD’s Really Strange ’24’-Themed PSA About Locking Your Car

05.20.14 2 Comments

This video — I swear to God — is a five-minute 24 parody that the LAPD made as a public service announcement to warn citizens about hiding and/or locking up your stuff so you don’t get robbed. There’s also a band of eyepatch-wearing “narco cyber pirates” who are out to destroy every food truck in Los Angeles. And that plot is never really resolved, because Jack abandons the investigation to go check on his car, which was just broken into. And there’s a guy in a tiger costume. It’s weird. You should watch it. And it’s not even the first TV parody PSA they’ve made. That would be this one, which is a Walking Dead-style take on the same situation. Yup.

Now, I’m sure some of you are sitting there right now saying to yourselves “Ummmmm shouldn’t the LAPD be out there solving homicides instead of spending time and taxpayer money on a long, elaborate PSA about stuffing your iPad under your seat and locking your Prius?” This is certainly a fair point, and I can understand why it would concern you. But also, hey, shut up. Don’t ruin this for me. At least not until they do an O.C.-themed one about car theft. Although I suppose that did turn out pretty well for Ryan, what with the moving in with millionaires and playing kissyface with attractive debutantes and whatnot. In fact, now that I think about it, you could make a pretty decent case that the moral of The O.C. was “Steal cars. It’ll probably work out.” Something to think about.

Source: Daily Dot

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