‘The Last Of Us’ Has Been Renewed For A Second Season Of Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Drama

Sometimes we have to wait weeks (months?) in order to know if a show will be renewed for another season, and it seems like a renewal announcement has turned into a Thing as of late, with fans beginning Twitter campaigns to save their favorite shows and buying real-life billboards in order to get the attention of those giant streamers. HBO, on the other hand, just seems to do whatever it wants, and today it announced that The Last Of Us has been renewed for a second season, despite the fact that the first season is not even halfway done. But that’s a real sign of confidence on their part!

Season one of the series is expected to wrap up the storyline that was introduced in the first game over a decade ago. A second game, The Last of Us Part II, was released in 2020 and took place five years after its predecessor, which would be a very convenient timeline for a show that takes a year to make.

Earlier this year, showrunner Craig Mazin said that while they are open to a second season, the first season will have its own conclusion. “The narrative of the first game was gorgeous, it was complete, it deserved a season, we knew how to do it within a season. And so that was kind of a no brainer,” he told RadioTimes, adding, “If we are lucky enough to get more seasons, and keep telling the story, we will continue to make sure that every episode is worth its weight.”

Considering the fact that Part II takes place years after the first, it’s likely that there will be quite some time in between the seasons, which is already something HBO does anyway. Good thing Bella Ramsay recently said there is “no limit” to how many seasons she would sign on for, so we just might be watching The Last Of Us for the rest of our lives. Or until a fungus-based infection kills us all.

The Last Of Us airs Sundays at 9 pm on HBO Max.