The Local Media In Cleveland Reacting To LeBron’s Return Is Adorable

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07.11.14 3 Comments
Detroit Pistons v Cleveland Cavaliers, Game 6

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Cleveland needed a win more than any other city not named Detroit. The second Sports Illustrated published “I’m Coming Home,” LeBron James’ “I’m back, baby” announcement, residents all around the Land of Mosby began to feel genuine happiness for the first time since The Drew Carey Show was still on, and thanks to the MAGIC OF TELEVISION, we got to see some of those reactions live. Enjoy these now, before HOW WILL MANZIEL AND LEBRON SHARE A CITY takes off.

Here’s WEWS NewsChannel5.

And from the same station, a pretty girl selling lemonade outside his house.

You can see more RAW, UNCUT footage over at Deadspin, or watch MSNBC’s Luke Russert cut off a congressman to break the news.

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