The Main Villain From ‘Better Call Saul’ Is Also A Callback To ‘Breaking Bad’

I know we’ve already covered the Breaking Bad callbacks and Easter Eggs from the first three episodes of Better Call Saul already, but this is a little one that I couldn’t resist.

There have been several characters already in Better Call Saul that have returned from Breaking Bad (Mike Ehrmantraut, Tuco, No-Doze, etc.), but most of us didn’t realize that one of the major characters in Better Call Saul was also referenced in Breaking Bad. In the Season 2 episode in which Saul Goodman was introduced, a masked Jesse Pinkman and Walter White hold Saul at gunpoint over his representation of Badger. Saul yells, “No no no no on.” He then says this:

Who is Ignacio?

Well, according to Michael Mando — who plays Nacho on Breaking Bad — HE is Ignacio. From an interview in Huffington Post:

Nacho is actually short for Ignacio — it’s his nickname.

That, folks, is just how incredible Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould really are. They layer in everything. They took a throwaway line from Season 2 and worked it right into Better Call Saul as the name of the main antagonist, which retroactively loads that throwaway line in Breaking Bad with some meaning.