The Mean Tweeter Who Blamed Obama For The Price Of Beer Got Himself A Free ’30 Rack’

Perhaps you recall the perturbed individual who tweeted, “A 30 rack of coors light is $23 now at Sun Stop. Thanks, Obama,” during Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets segment with President Obama last night. That’s his tweet up there in the banner image. Well, I am pleased(-ish) to report that this story has a happy ending.

So, two things:

  • Barcadi
  • A college student complained about the price of beer in a joke-y “Thanks, Obama” tweet and ended up getting free booze for Spring Break out of it. What a country.

As for how young Eric Matthews is responding to his newfound fame, well, he started his day by shotgunning a free Keystone Light in a beer distributor’s parking lot for an exclusive TMZ video while wearing a Hawaiian shirt, so SPRING BREAK FOREVER, I guess.

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