The Most Important Questions We Have Going Into The Final Season Of ‘Sons Of Anarchy’

There are six days remaining before the final season Kurt Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy premieres, with an hour and a half episode called “Black Widower” directed by Sons most frequent director, Paris Barclay. Last season saw the death of several characters, including two of the series’ biggest, Clay Morrow and Tara Knowles. It’s the death of Tara that we expect will be the guiding force behind the final season. What else can we expect? Let’s take a look.

1. What’s the main narrative thrust of the final season? Revenge. Specifically, Jax wants revenge for the death of his wife, Tara.

2. Who will die first? It’s hard to say, but if I had to guess, I’d say Juice is the most likely member of SAMCRO to die first. Given the fact that Juice shot and killed Sheriff Roosevelt, and ended up cleaning up the mess, there’s a decent chance that the police pin Tara’s murder on Juice, which would potentially spring Jax from jail, which is where he begins the season. My guess is that Jax believes the police, and takes Juice out before Gemma can shift the blame somewhere else.

3. Who will die last? Gemma, Jax, or both of them. Showrunner Kurt Sutter has made clear that the mother-son bond is what is driving the final season, and while I think that Gemma will be able to steer suspicion away from her for a while, all secrets are ultimately revealed in this show. Gemma’s hand in Tara’s death will be no different. The question is whether Jax will also die in killing Gemma, or is it even possible that Gemma is the last one standing? Don’t put that possibility past Kurt Sutter.

4. How many Club members will die? We already know this answer to this. According to Sutter, only two club members will die, which suggest a different ending than predicted by Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the inspiration for the series. Almost everyone dies in Hamlet.

5. Who will get custody of Jax’s children? We know that the season begins with Jax in prison, and with Tara dead. That last person that Tara wanted to take custody of her children in that situation is Gemma, which is why she set up a living will giving Wendy custody of the children. My guess is that Wendy ends up with custody, which also kind of puts her life in danger, because Jax hates Wendy. I doubt Jax will kill her immediately, because he’s going to need the free childcare while he’s out getting revenge for the death of Tara.

6. What will Jax’s role in the club be? On the one hand, Jax handed the presidency over to Bobby at the end of last season. On the other hand, without Tara, Jax no longer has a reason to leave SAMCRO. Look for Jax to take back his position at the head of the table and push even harder to make the club succeed, even if that means getting back into guns and/or possibly drugs. Jax, in other words, gives no f**ks.

7. How will the gang wars factor into the final season? Expect them to figure prominently. The Mayans, the Chinese, and the Byz Lats (now with Nero as their leader) are joining forces against the One-Niners in a battle over the gun trade. SAMCRO does not initially have an allegiance, but with Jax angry and with the prostitution business possibly on the fritz, SAMCRO may re-enter. Depending upon whom Jax blames for the death of Tara (or who Gemma shifts blame upon), one or more gang members may get involved that way, as well.

8. Will Unser die of terminal cancer? Sutter hinted at the end of last season that the guy who came into the series with terminal cancer may ultimately end up being one of the few guys to survive the series. Personally, I wouldn’t count on it. He’s the kind of guy who would sacrifice himself for someone he loves, and he loves no one more than he loves Gemma.

9. Will Tig finally hook up with Venus Van Dam? Our Magic 8 Ball says, “Damn right he will.”

10. Will Nero continue to be the biggest cardigan wearing bad ass on the planet? According to a season premiere photo and a character poster for the final season, absolutely!

The final season of Sons of Anarchy premieres Tuesday, September 9th. The list of guest stars this season include Courtney Love, Lea Michelle, Marilyn Manson, Annabeth Gish, and Malcolm-Jamal Warner.