The Mystery Of The Pineapple On ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Was Finally Solved

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09.19.14 13 Comments

The identity of the titular (hehe!) mother on How I Met Your Mother was eventually revealed, but there was one mystery creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas never got around to solving: where did that damn pineapple come from? The spiky fruit made its first appearance in season one’s “The Pineapple Incident,” showing up on Ted’s nightstand after a one-night-stand with Trudy. At the end of the episode, Ted tells his poor, bored kids, “We never found out where the pineapple came from,” a line Bays would later regret, because they sort of wrote themselves into a corner there.

Turns out, though, there was a resolution, but the scene was cut for time. It involves Zoey (the worst), the Captain (the best), and Schmosby being super-drunk. Check it out at the bottom here (sorry, the stupid video player is embeddable).

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