The 67-Year-Old Neuroscientist In The Final Season Of Dexter Was Quite A Looker Back In The Day

Last night’s Dexter season eight premiere introduced a new character, Evelyn Vogel, a neuroscientist played by 67-year-old Charlotte Rampling, who has been brought in to consult on a potential serial killer who scoops out portions of his victims’ brain. She also knows about Dexter’s code, and may or may not be a little sociopath herself. For those of you who don’t know, the British actress who plays her has been around for decades, more recently in movies like Meloncholia and The Duchess, but she’s probably best known for The Verdict (with Paul Newman) and Stardust Memories (with Woody Allen). She’s also been in some stinkers, like Basic Instinct 2 and one of the worst movies in all of cinematic history, Zardoz with Sean Connery. What a piece of crap that was, although Rampling was gorgeous in it.

Indeed, Rampling used to be a total hottie, not that she’s not an attractive woman these days. In fact, in last night’s episode, Deputy Matthew says of Evelyn Vogel, “She’s quite a looker.” It’s true, but back in the day, she was a serious looker. Check out the evidence.