The Next 7 Freshman Series Most Likely To Be Canceled By The Broadcast Networks

As we approach November sweeps during the fall 2014 broadcast network television season, heads are already beginning to roll. So far, we’ve had four cancellations: NBC’s A to Z (although, exec producer Rashida Jones is trying valiantly to save it) and Bad Judge (which no one is trying to save, including Kate Walsh), Manhattan Love Story on ABC, and the phenomenally expensive failure over on Fox, Utopia, which people are already writing is the death knell for reality competition series.

Cancellations aren’t done yet, though. While a few of the seven shows listed below may manage to live out the season, the cancellation bear over on TVBYtheNumbers gives them virtually zero chance of a second-season renewal.

Constantine (NBC) — The Friday night comic book series hasn’t mustered much in the ratings, there’s very little passion for it among the geeks, and there’s no critical support for it. It will probably continue to air, however, until NBC puts on Hannibal in the winter, but don’t expect Constantine to come back afterwards.

Selfie (ABC) — I know TVByTheNumbers gives Selfie zero shot in hell of a renewal based on its ratings (and its timeslot partner, Manhattan Love Story, has already been canned), but I will say that critics are slowly coming around on this show (and we’re covering it), and it’s actually beginning to show the potential you’d expect from an Emily Kapnek (Suburgatory) series. It’s probably too late, but I am kind of rooting for it to survive.

Forever (ABC) — Currently the lowest-rated drama on the Big Four networks, Forever doesn’t have a shot in hell.

Gracepoint (Fox) — Broadchurch, the British series upon which Gracepoint is based, did get a second season over in the UK, and David Tennant will run back to England to shoot it. Don’t expect him to make a return trip to duplicate it for American audiences, however.

Red Band Society (Fox) — The premiere of Red Band Society actually doubled its ratings after streaming and DVR viewership was accounted for over the first 30 days, but the dismal overnight ratings doomed Red Band Society before those numbers came out. So, overnight ratings CAN mean something in terms of killing buzz.

Mulaney (Fox) — Mulaney has had its episode order trimmed, and John Mulaney is already making jokes about its eventual cancellation. Sorry, Mulaney. Can he go back to SNL?

The McCarthys (CBS) — While ratings weren’t dismal for the premiere episode of the series, starring Joe from New Kids on the Block, CBS is in a good enough position to kill its lowest rated sitcom every season. The McCarthys fits that bill.

Source: TVByTheNumbers