Prepare Yourself For More Inexplicable Dancing Thanks To The Renewal Of ‘The OA’

At this point, you’ve probably heard about the big mystery at the center of Netflix’s science fiction mystery series The OA. You know, how interpretive dance can supposedly cure ALS, death and the urge to shoot up schools. Created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij of Sound of My Voice fame, The OA quite literally came out of nowhere last December with a story featuring the previously missing and blind Prairie Johnson (Marling) suddenly returning, and with the ability to see.

Though it didn’t become a Stranger Things-like sensation, the strange series did result in an endless array of interpretive dance GIFs in reviews, episode recaps and on social media.

It also apparently picked up enough of an audience for Netflix to ask for more. The OA: Part II‘s announcement teaser simply announces the existence of a second installment. As for any plot details or an exact release date, the 15-second spot doesn’t have much else to offer. Though the YouTube description does include the ominous tagline, “Something always survives,” and the video itself features an impressionistic array of earthy visuals. Smoke, dust, water, the sounds of the trolley cars in San Francisco… what the hell is going on? We’ll find out at some undetermined point in the future.