The Pilot Script For The ‘Walking Dead’ Spin-Off Shows How The Companion Series May Be Very Different

Robert Kirkman is on record as saying that The Walking Dead companion series (working title, Cobalt) will be very “different.” In fact, he’s very adamant about how different the companion series will be. But besides a different setting (Los Angeles) and different characters, how will the series be different?

(Minor Spoilers Below)

A clue to that has arrived in the form of excerpts from the original pilot script for the companion series (via Bleedingcool), which is called Fear the Walking Dead, which may either be the name of the pilot episode or the actual name of the series.

The interesting part about the pilot episode, however, is that it goes back to when the outbreak began, before anyone understood exactly what was going on.

Here are the excerpts from that pilot script (dated September 2014) that clue us in on the origin story, so to speak, from the perspective of a dysfunctional family:



So, basically, the outbreak is happening, and no one realizes that zombies exist yet. Essentially, it looks like they are covering what happened in the world (or at least, in Los Angeles) while Rick was in his coma in the pilot episode of The Walking Dead.

That is a different and interesting take, and I’m curious as to how long the companion series will spend on the initial outbreak. Will the bulk of the series, the first few episodes, or just the pilot deal with the immediate fall-out, before everyone was either killed or scattered? Or will the companion series quickly deal with that and move it along to the aftermath of the outbreak?

I feel like we already have a series set during the aftermath. It would be more compelling to explore the days and weeks before everything went completely to hell, and maybe even get a glimpse into how the virus spread (or, possibly, a clue as to the origin of the virus).

Via Bleeding Cool