The Simpsons Will Be In LEGO Form In 2014!

As the LEGO universe continues to expand with its Marvel, DC, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings series, not to mention the unofficial Etsy Game of Thrones version and even the more unique prosthetic limb kit, perhaps the biggest pitch to keep adults buying the tiny building blocks for themselves instead of kids came this week as LEGO announced a 2014 release of a series for The Simpsons.

TV’s longest-running sitcom and animated series may not seem like the most logical LEGO product, as most children between the ages of 3 and 12 aren’t too concerned with the adventures of Bart and Lisa, but LEGO hopes to “appeal to fans of ‘The Simpsons’ family,” which makes sense as I clear space all over my office and pray to Jeebus that they make a LEGO Moe’s.

Alas, not all LEGO enthusiasts are excited about this idea, as CNN Money pointed to a very stern LEGO message board posting from March when the rumors of a possible LEGO Springfield first broke.

We have the information that LEGO is negotiating a LEGO Simpsons theme. As those who have seen it know, The Simpsons is an inappropriate show that is not fit for kids. It is not fit for a company that deems the word “kill” inappropriate for children to create a theme of a show like the Simpsons.

A bit on the Simpsons show:

I have nothing good to say about the Simpsons show. It is extremely innapporpriate and induces cussing, swearing, and plenty of other things I will not mention. If any of you have seen a commercial for the Simpsons or seen the show, you will know that LEGO should not open children and kids to this. The mere mention of a scratch in a post on the Message Boards has been rejected. If LEGO does not allow that, they should despise the Simpsons show. Truthfully, I can’t believe they are negotiating a contract with such an innaprropriate show like the Simpsons.

Come on, parents and LEGO fans, let’s show LEGO how much we despise their attempt to make a LEGO Simpsons! Hurry before the contract is signed!!!

Hey Homer, you wanna handle the appropriate response to “AnonymousPseudonym” for me?