The ‘Today’ Show ‘Manhandled’ Then Booted Amy Adams For The Dumbest Reason

Deadline is reporting that Amy Adams, scheduled to appear on yesterday’s episode of the Today show (in fact, she stayed an extra day after her SNL hosting stint visit in order to make the appearance) was booted from the show after she declined to answer questions about the Sony hack, a situation with which she had no involvement.

According to the Deadline report, the segment was only four minutes long, and while Adams was prepared to answer a question about the Sony hack, she said she would prefer not to.

She replied that she would prefer to avoid the subject, given this was a four-minute interview. But she was told that Today is a news organization — something that was said as they engaged in a segment about dog grooming in which a hound was having its teeth brushed — and she was told no one dictates their interviews.

Adams didn’t refuse to answer the question and she didn’t balk, I’m told. Prepared to explain away a scandal she played no role in, Adam was seen live in the orange room, just before she was to be interviewed. But the show bounced her, pulling her segment and completely wasting her time.

The Today show is claiming they booted her because they refused to have their news dictated by the guests (although, as noted above, they did a segment about brushing a dog’s teeth in the same episode, so “news” is a bit of a misnomer there). According to Deadline, the Today show is spinning to The Daily Mail that Adams acted like some sort of “hellcat.” However, the Daily Mail report I read suggested that Amy Adams had felt “manhandled” by the entire situation and left the set “sad-eyed.”

In either respect, it’s a bummer that Today would insist on asking Adams a question that had nothing to do with her, while not asking Clint Eastwood or Bradley Cooper about the Sony situation during the same week. I mean, it was a four minute interview and she was there to talk about her movie. Dismissing that question, alone, would’ve wasted 30-45 seconds.

Source: Deadline