The Trailer For ‘The Saint’ Has Tuxedos, Exploding Helicopters, And Eliza Dushku In A Bathing Suit

A little background: Former Heroes co-executive producer Jesse Alexander is making a reboot of The Saint, the British spy series that also spawned the 1997 film starring World’s Greatest Twitterer Val Kilmer. It doesn’t have a home on a network yet, but Simon West (Con Air) has directed a backdoor pilot starring Adam Rayner and Eliza Dushku, and now there is a trailer. There, now you are caught up.

As far as the trailer goes, it looks, well, a little awesome, in the way that most trailers featuring spies in white tuxedos jumping off balconies, helicopters blowing up, and Eliza Dushku sitting next to a pool in bathing suit tend to look a little awesome. Not exactly a high degree of difficulty. But the question isn’t whether you can make a cool looking trailer with all that at your disposal, the question is whether you can turn it into an interesting show. I mean, after a while you have to stop blowing up helicopters and sending your protagonist on diamond heists, and like, develop your characters and craft an overarching plot that viewers can invest in.

Wait. Hold on. What the hell am I saying? No you don’t. Burn Notice has been on for over half a decade and that show is 100% heists, bathing suits, and explosions. And some of the people in this show have British accents. British accents are like catnip to American people. Someone needs to pick this show up immediately, give the producers an unlimited “Helicopter Blowing Up” budget, and put that footage of Eliza Dushku wearing a bathing suit in the opening credits. Ratings bonanza.