The Undetected Visual FX On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Will Blow Out Your Mindhole

After showing you guys the special FX work on Boardwalk Empire and The Walking Dead, it turns out, we were saving the best for last. Again, however, the outstanding visual FX work is not a huge surprise — after all, Game of Thrones did win an Emmy in that category last year. What is surprising are all the things that are added that you don’t realize are added, that look so seamless and natural, as though David Benioff had found these locations in Northern Ireland, complete with castles and dragons. But of course, he hadn’t. Most of it is added in post. But again, it’s also amazing to me how truly difficult it might be for an actor to act in front of a green screen, or to engage with things that are not there. It’s mind blowing. Really.

Take a look at the special effects reel from season two, and try to keep your jaw off the floor, especially seeing how the Battle of Blackwater is essentially created with someone’s Macbook Air.