The Wachowskis’ New Netflix Series Will Apparently Feature Live Human Births

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By now, you might have heard — or not — about the Wachowskis’ d.o.a. Jupiter Ascending, which currently has a Rotten Tomato score of 22 percent and was described by Vince as “nothing if not batsh*t ridiculous.” It’s a shame because I loved Cloud Atlas, but consistency is not the Wachowskis’ forte, which means that their upcoming Netflix show, Sense8, might have a chance at actually being awesome.

The 10-episode Netflix original series will follow eight people — linked mentally and emotionally — who become the targets of a shadowy sect looking to take them out. Each episode will follow a different character. The world-spanning show (Iceland, London, Berlin to name a few locations) is also being helmed by J. Michael Straczynski, which should bring some sort of solace since he wrote Babylon 5 (as well as the Midnight Nation comic book mini-series which you should read right now).

If none of these details are piquing your interest, then perhaps you’ll purchase a ticket for the live births that apparently will be filmed for the series. Nope, not kidding. In a strange piece of news that seems to have flown under the radar, io9 interviewed the auteurs, and they admitted that live births will be included when the show premiers in May.

Lana: We wanted to make a thing that’s about everything. We told Netflix we were like, “We’re only interested in doing this. It’s going to be so hard, it’s not very much money. We’re only interested in it if we can do anything. And I mean anything. Like crazy psychic orgies with all sorts of different bodies.” And they were like, “Yeah sure, cool great.”

Andy: We have live births.

Lana: Live births even.

Andy: Babies coming out of vaginas.

What? No.

Andy: Yes. Tune in. In May, you’ll see.

Is it weird to say this is must-see streaming TV now?