The Weather Channel Is Literally Blowing Hot Air All Over Two Poor Interns For Tornado Week

I, uh, the thing about the Weather Channel is…well, it’s like this, um…Nope, I can’t.

Our Weather Channel interns got so excited about Tornado Week they wanted to recreate a Twitter powered Tornado in our office – so we did, and sat them right in the middle of it! Now you are in control of the winds. Every public mention of #TornadoWeek on Twitter raises the scale and boosts the winds. You can even Tweet at the interns using the @TornadoWeek handle. Hit 1,000,000 mentions and we will turn up the wind for a full blown EF-5 tornado inside the Weather Channel offices! (Via)

Let’s unpack this: it’s Tornado Week on the Weather Channel. This is when things stop making sense. There are currently two poor, poor (probably unpaid) interns who are getting blasted with air while chatting on a laptop and scribbling hellos and welcomes to people who tweet at them, all for our amusement. DANCE MONKEYS. The #TornadoWeek tweets are currently in the low 3,000s, but when that number hits 1,000,000, Yellow Blouse and Guy with Glasses will be hit with 261–318 MPH wind, and then I won’t be able to write my erotica about them anymore.

‘Cause they’ll be dead. Or their hair will get really messed up. One of the two.

(The Weather Channel)