‘The Wire’ Gets A Brilliant Animated Intro That Will Make You Wish It Was Still On TV

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01.06.16 3 Comments

If you’ve ever caught the intro to FXX’s Man Seeking Woman, you’ve likely noticed the work of Elliot Lim. He and some folks DK Studios put that intro together and now Lim has uploaded some work of his over on his Vimeo page. That includes the fantastic animated intro for The Wire (which you can stream on HBO Now) that almost makes you wish the show was still on HBO — hey look, it’s the headline!

All the elements are there, from Bunk and McNulty’s vocabulary showcase on a murder scene to Omar’s menacing shotgun patrolling the streets of Baltimore. It’s a love letter to a show that was likely running out of fuel, but provided some great television. The HD revival of David Simon’s show stirred up a lot of feelings back at the end of 2014, but this definitely has a more fan-friendly tone. It could almost stand as an episode intro itself, even though that would throw it off from the rest of the series.

And if you wanted to take a closer look at Lim’s other work, the Man Seeking Woman animation and his other work, his Vimeo page features a fine selection.

(Via Elliot Lim / Geek Tyrant)

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