There’s A Strong ‘Game Of Thrones’ Connection Inside Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’

Netflix’s The Witcher TV series, which is far more enjoyable that it needed to be, landed at the right time for holiday-based binging. So there’s a good chance that both you and your family members enjoyed watching Henry Cavill’s lone monster hunter over the past ten days, and that means you’ve probably noticed several similarities between this show and Game of Thrones. The battlefield scenes, for example, are much better executed in The Witcher than those within the final Thrones season. Likewise, there’s plenty of R-rated sensual content on hand, but what of the sword fights? The choreography in question is remarkable, but can we find an explicit Thrones connection there?

You’d better believe it. Vladimir Furdik, who portrayed the Night King on the long-running HBO show, served as the sword/fight master (it’s IMDb legit) on Netflix’s fantasy-themed police procedural of sorts. Cavill previously stated that Furdik helped him get him back in the game with sword play, and Furdik recently tweeted a video clip showing the fight preparation process. The sound effect at the end is the best part.

Well, it looks like Furdik has recovered nicely from his Thrones character being taken out by a teenage girl. At least it wasn’t Jon Snow who did it, right? That might have been cause for a long vacation. Instead, the man who portrayed HBO’s icy badass is putting his talents to solid use on Netflix. By the way, a second season is definitely happening, although it might not debut until 2021, but we can still hope for a late 2020 release.