The ‘X-Files’ Revival Series Might Be Following Up On The Classic Episode ‘Home’

After news hit that a new X-Files series was coming, we ran a story giving you eight episodes of the show you need to watch before the new ones premiere in January. On that list is one of the show’s most infamous episodes, “Home.” When it initially premiered, it was the first episode of the X-Files that came with a TV-MA warning before being banned from the network entirely.

According to TVLine, a new rumor states the second episode of the upcoming revival series will be revisiting the original story from “Home.” The episode in question is allegedly titled “Home Again” and the writer/director attached is Glen Morgan, who was partially responsible for the original 1996 episode following the inbred Peacock Family.

Is this all a coincidence? Maybe. But there’s one more detail to consider: “Home” was the second episode of the show’s fourth season, originally airing on October 11, 1996. The second episode for the new revival series, “Home Again” will air on January 25, 2016, which almost makes it a 20th anniversary of the seminally creepy inbred monster-of-the-week episode.

Personally, I’d be interested in revisiting the story today. TV has come a long way since the original episode was banned. NBC is currently getting away with murder (pun intended) with what is being shown on Hannibal.

I’m ready to be creeped out again, Fox. Bring it.

(Via TV Line)