The YouTube Rabbit Hole That Is 'Whose Line' Clips (and the Morning Links)

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03.14.12 11 Comments

After watching “Justified,” I headed over to the Ol’ Interwebs, and within five minutes, found myself watching “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” clip after clip after clip. Thee only reason I got any sleep is because I watched the episode with Robin Williams’s blonde hair, and burned my laptop. What do you guys think of “Whose Line” (U.S. version)? I used to love it, but now it feels too tame (if not still addictive). Colin Mochrie is still awesome, though.

“The Walking Dead” Pays Tribute to Office Space, the Internet Responds Accordingly — “I deal with the goddamn zombies, so the living don’t have to. I have zombie skills. I am good at dealing with zombies. Can’t you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you living people?” Worst Mad Libs ever. (Uproxx)

The Best and Worst of WWE Raw 3/12/12 Is Definitely Attitudinal — With Leather gets to have all the fun. They have a tag for “FUNKASAURUS.” (With Leather)

Vader on a Unicycle Playing Bagpipes. You’re Welcome. — This could be the first in a series. Next up: Jar Jar on a Tricycle Playing the Mandolin. (Gamma Squad)

If Chief Keef Is “Hip-Hop’s Next Big Thing,” We’re All In Trouble — Note to self: don’t take rap recommendations from Gawker. (Smoking Section)

Your Mid-Week Guide to DVD and Streaming: My Melancholy Week with Descendants of Steampunk MusketeersMelancholia was one of the underrated funniest movies of 2011. Seriously. It’s hilarious, in a very, very twisted way. (Film Drunk)

Best of Westeros: The “Game of Thrones” Tournament — It’s gotta be Tyrion, right? The only one I could see him challenging him is…yeah, no, it’s Tyrion. (Screen Junkies)

15 Things We’ll Miss About “Man Vs. Wild” — I’ll miss their not being anyone who has drank their own pee on national TV anymore. (BuzzFeed)

19 Hilarious Retail FAILS/Wins — Fail schmail. The important thing is that there’s a product called Jug of Blood out there! (Huffington Post)

“Strasburger” Might Be the Worst Food to Buy at a Baseball Game — I don’t recommend the Ashton Youboty Burger, either. Tastes like ass. (The FW)

35 Actors List their 5 Favorite Films: Which One Is Your Movie Soul Mate — Timothy Olyphant + Blue Velvet = <3 (Pajiba)

Great Moments in Computer Generated Imagery — Even if the rat at the end of The Departed was surprisingly CGI’d, it’s still FU*KING DUMB. (Unreality Mag)

Does Shay Maria Dancing In an Airplane Hanger Sound Like Your Idea of a Good Time? — Why yes, yes it does. (Bro Bible)

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