There Is A British Version Of ‘That 70s Show’ And It Is Weird As Hell

So apparently there was a British version of That 70s Show titled Days Like These that aired for 10 episodes in 1999. I’ve posted the pilot above, and it is weird as hell. Not like Bizarro World weird where everything is the opposite, more like … like … did you ever go back to visit an old house or apartment that you used to live in? It’s like that. The structure is all the same (same walls, same hallways, same creaky front door, same stain from when you spilled salsa on the carpet, etc.), but there’s different furniture in the living room, and they turned your bedroom into a home office. Also, everyone who lives there now speaks with a British accent. That kind of weird.

I don’t really expect you to watch the full 24-minute video, although you are welcome to if you like, but I would just like to point out a few quick highlights:

– This must be how people from other countries feel feel when they watch the American versions of their shows.

– It looks like it was made for $50. Especially the opening credits, which start a little before the 5:00 mark. If you only watch one part of the video, please make it that. It sums things up nicely.

– Can you imagine being the British actor who was tasked with replicating Ashton Kutcher’s performance? What must have been going through his head? If any of you have his contact information, please pass it along. (According to Wikipedia his name is James Carlton.) I’d love to interview him. Hell, I’ll even let him write a 5000-word essay titled “I Was The British Kelso” if he wants. I am not joking.

– The actor who played British Eric Forman looks kind of like Emma Stone and it IS FREAKING ME OUT.

(via Reddit)