‘There Will Be Gore’: What We Learned From The ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Press Roundtable At Comic-Con

07.14.15 4 years ago

This past weekend, AMC released the first full length trailer for Fear the Walking Dead, and the look and feel of the new spin-off series seems to be a stark contrast of what we know and love with The Walking Dead. The differences in both aesthetics and story may leave Robert Kirkman fans scratching their heads, as this is a show that feeds more on paranoia and suspense and less on outright bloody violence.

After the cast and crew took part in their panel at San Diego Comic-Con, we had a chance to sit down and pick their brains (pun intended) a bit more about the new series, and one thing that stood out was an overall excitement that the producers are exploring new ground in the overall story canon.

Gale Anne Hurd, Executive Producer: It’s wonderful to be able to not have expectations from the fans. For people who want to know deeper, there is a subtle commentary about things that are going on in the world today about authority, about right and wrong, and then other people can just enjoy the ride.

The word zombie does not exist in Robert Kirkman’s world, which means the concept of the undead in movies and TV is as foreign as it gets. Therefore, exploring the origins of such an outbreak means the series is tackling issues of media and how everyday people consume information from the 24-hour news cycle. Much like in everyday society, the characters in “Fear the Walking Dead” end up being unsure which information to take seriously and which is downright fodder for the masses.

David Alpert, Executive Producer: If someone came out on television and said there’s an outbreak of zombies, people wouldn’t believe it. We’re playing on the ways on how society would break down.

Greg Nicotero, Executive Producer/Director: It’s at the forefront on the news for like a week, and then Kim Kardashian does something and no one cares about Ebola anymore. It’s still there! Imagine what would happen if — like in Fear the Walking Dead — they see this person being shot on their iPad, and then, a minute later, they are like, “Oh, look at this other thing!” It goes away for a minute, but it’s still happening. It’s still actually churning underneath all of that.

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