There’s Only One Way To Gross Out Emma Stone On A First Date

Senior Pop Culture Editor
07.18.14 3 Comments
emma jon


I wish a new movie with Emma Stone would come out every week. I mean, sure, she’d be emotionally and physically exhausted, and by the time July rolls around, she’d be a chain-smoking, fast food-eating mess, but hey, at least she’d be on TV more. It’s always a treat when Stone drops by a late-night show, and last night was no exception, when the Magic in the Moonlight star said hello to her good friend Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. The whole interview’s enjoyable as all hell, and Stone and Stewart have a nice rapport — plus, now we know how to gross out Stone on a first date. It involves a not-shirt.

Don’t worry, Emma, I haven’t taken off my shirt since 2002. The whiteness of my back and upper-arms has been known to blind Eskimos.

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