These GIFs Showing The Parallels Between ‘Mad Men’ And ’2001: A Space Odyssey’ Are Neat As Hell

It’s been a fun week to break down Mad Men, from the Charles Manson allusions to the warning signs of Ginsberg’s mental illness, which led to his horrifying, hilarious departure on Mad Men (and let’s not forget the prospect of Lou Avery being eaten by a bear). But the episode also had one leftover reference to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey from the week before, and lest you think that critics are seeing things they want to believe, the GIF set below confirms that the references are legit. Also, super cool.

I have no idea what we can predict about Mad Men based on the allusions to 2001 because that movie made no f**king sense to me, unless maybe the finale sees the IBM computer rising up and taking over Sterling Cooper or, better yet, KILLING LOU AVERY. But the allusions are neat as hell.

The Monolith

The Walk


Human Error

Lip Reading

Not for nothing, but the guy who created the Mad Men season 6 poster is also the guy who helped Kubrick document the making of 2001.

Also, excellent job O Whiskers! tumblr on the GIFs.