Things Are Pretty Bleak In The New Animated Poster For ‘True Detective’

Despite the plot and cast details we‘ve previously shared and what little tidbits we were able to surmise from the first trailer, we still don’t know too much about the second season of HBO’s hit series True Detective. And that’s a wonderful thing, obviously, because when you’re teased with the idea of a huge orgy, you don’t want details and spoilers. You want that orgy to sneak up on you, cover your eyes from behind and then take you on a rollercoaster ride of white-knuckled shock and joy. That’s why nobody ever talked about Cougar Town after six seasons of boring, failed orgies*.

We can go ahead and add “It’s going to be dark as hell” to the list of obvious things we can expect from #TrueDetectiveSeason2. Because this new animated poster suggests that nothing good will happen to anyone when the new cast debuts on June 21. R.I.P. in advance, Colin Farrell’s bolo tie.

*Cougar Town did not actually feature orgies, but it would probably still be on if it did.