Things Get Fun And Complicated In The Second Episode Of ‘Spotless’

While Spotless’ pilot did a great job introducing us to Jean, his rugged yet likable brother Martin and their differences, the second episode gave us a look into their instinctive support of each other and the group of supporting characters that are just as interesting.

Jean and Martin are picked up and taken to a bar in London to meet the notorious Mr. Clay, who’s looking to hire them as “cleaners.” They share introductions, Jean gets hit by one of Clay’s lackeys to show they mean business and Martin knocks the guy out in one punch before everyone draws their guns. There you go, everyone’s pretty well-acquainted.

After refusing Mr. Clay’s offer, Jean quickly learns that he isn’t the kind of person you just walk away from, even politely. So he tests Jean and Martin’s abilities to clean and they decide to go into business together, with Jean declaring Martin as his partner along with a few other stipulations.

It was interesting to notice that for every important character you meet, you eventually meet someone close to them that couldn’t be any more different. Of course, you’ve got Jean and Martin. But you’ve also got the stern Nelson Clay compared to his laid-back brother Victor, Tom, the quick-to-kill Nelson associate and his partner Frank, who only kills when he deems it absolutely necessary and you could even draw parallels between Julie and her sister.

The episode ends with Jean getting an early-morning call from Clay for their first official job after starting their partnership. When they get to the scene, Jean realizes that while Clay’s solved one problem for him there are sure to be more to come as a result.

Feel free to check out our video recap of the episode above.  For more on Jean and Martin’s dealings with Mr. Clay, catch Spotless on Esquire Network on Saturdays at 10 EST |9 CST.

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