This 9-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Will Blow The Threads Out Of Your Socks

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06.04.14 5 Comments

9-year-old Adrian Romoff is in the 8th grade because he skipped five grades, and he’ll be in college in two years because he’s also already completed the ninth grade, but that’s not bragging. That’s just the facts “according to reality.” He’s also really effing good at the piano, having played on both Ellen and at Carnegie Hall. He was on America’s Got Talent last night showing off not only his impressive piano skills, but a deft ability to toe the line between obnoxiously precocious and adorable, between a kid whose cheeks you want to pinch and a kid whose cheeks his friends might want to punch.

He’s a fun kid and insanely good at the piano.

via Jezebel

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