This College Baseball Player Hates His Butt More Than Anything In The World

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06.05.15 3 Comments

Meet Derec, a man who hates big butts and he cannot lie. The butt he hates the most? His own. While other people are doing super-squats in order to get a large, firm caboose (that word, though) Derec’s doing anything he can to make his butt as small as possible. And that includes going on MTV’s True Life to chronicle his attempts to lose enough weight so that his ass is teeny, tiny, and utterly invisible to everyone.

On last week’s episode of the show, Derec discussed what it’s like to have a butt that defies physics. Sure, others may be jealous of it, but Derec’s tired of people commenting on and grabbing it.

From Gawker:

As he [Derec] tells a hypnotist he visits to help him cope, he doesn’t like the lack of control he feels in these situations of nonconsensual grab-ass. “All I want is the respect of my peers and to wear a normal pair of pants,” he says while swimsuit shopping.

Even worse, his butt is so big that sometimes it gets stuck in chairs. I didn’t think the whole butt thing was a problem before, but getting stuck in chairs? That’s an issue. And, as Derec tells his sister on the show, he’s worried that his big butt will stop him from getting a job.

On the show with Derec are two women who also hate their butts for very different reasons. What’s the verdict? Are butts a problem or not?

(Via MTV)


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