This ‘Family Feud’ Contestant Had A Heck Of An Answer For ‘Name Something That Has To Be Licked’

12.16.14 4 years ago 10 Comments

A few notes about this clip:

  • Family Feud knows what it’s doing. That’s been clear for a while now. I mean, sure, a category like “Name something that has to be licked” has some legitimate G-rated answers: postage stamp, lollipop, etc. But all it takes is one feisty old man with a mind careening recklessly toward the gutter and things are about to get weird.
  • Enter Gene, who calmly and confidently answers “a woman.”
  • Gene.
  • GENE.
  • The best part of the clip is the reaction by the women on the team, Debbie and Diane, who are very supportive of Gene’s answer.
  • “Miss Debbie, did you just turn around and high five Gene?”

Family Feud, you have done it again.

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