This Fascinating ‘Parks And Recreation’ Fan Theory Asks: Is Jerry Gergich A Sleeper Agent?

With Parks and Recreation returning tomorrow, there are lots of theories as to what’s going to be happening to the characters we’ve grown to know and love when the series picks up three years in the future. Like, will there be time travel and flying cars yet? One theory we stumbled upon, however, was actually concocted last year around the same time that season six wrapped up. A Redditor who goes by “theluckygal” asks: Is Jerry Gergich — if that’s even his real name (it’s not) — really a sleeper agent?

Ridiculous? Maybe. But when you look at all of the evidence and the pieces start coming together, it doesn’t sound that farfetched. Here are just some of the pieces of exhibits complied:

His successful family life contradicts his work life. He is very talented and artistic but intentionally acts clumsy outside his home. I think he intentionally acts foolish so that no one would suspect his true intentions.

He was adopted and his mother was charged with marijuana possession, which means he was introduced to a life of crime early on.

Ben did mention his surprise when he met his wife and hinted if she was a spy and married Jerry to become a citizen. There is definitely a spy angle there.

Its difficult for me to believe that Leslie, like everyone else, mistreats and insults him. Maybe he gives off this vibe of hiding secrets and not being truthful that makes everyone repel him.

His family is actually afraid of him and acts affectionate to show others they are a normal family. It seems like they are putting on a show. There is no drama in his family life, like you would expect in a home with 3 grown up kids. Their togetherness seems artificial and forced.

Regardless of whether or not Jerry is some sort of spy or secret, you have to admit it does sound pretty compelling when laid out like that. I would not be surprised to learn that he’s hiding some sort of deep, dark secret before the series ends its run. Looking back, that remark about Comic Sans was eerily just a little bit too perfect of a touch.

(Via Reddit)