Winter Is Coming In This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Inspired Finnish Weather Report

11.16.15 2 years ago

Here at UPROXX, we know that you mostly come to our corner of the internet for exciting bits of weather news. (Or more accurately, weather adjacent news.) It turns out, Finland’s actually the real hotbed of meteorological funzos and they’ve got the snazzy visual effects to back that up.

MTV3 weatherman Pekka Pouta has quickly become the internet’s favorite meteorologist thanks to an awesome forecast that pays homage to a certain smash HBO series. Our pal Pekka decided to go full Game of Thrones while outlining the upcoming forecast for Finland. He achieved this not by showcasing graphic violence and gratuitous nudity (missed opportunity), but by morphing into Ned Stark and proclaiming “WINTER IS COMING.” It’s quite possibly the most sophisticated deployment of visual effects in a weather report this side of Turk Finnery.

Pekka appears to be a bit of a cult hero to Finns that enjoy his unique style on and off the small screen. There’s a Facebook group that posts the exact same picture of the dude in a mosh pit every single day. Which one is Pekka? He’s the guy that looks like a well-liked Finnish weatherman. The page was established midway through 2015 and has already racked up a robust 16,925 likes and counting.

Please enjoy this additional video featuring Pekka Pouta engaging in some office chair goofs on live television. It’s essentially the flipside of the Game of Thrones forecast’s budget.

(via Tastefully Offensive)

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