This Seems Like a Good Use of Time

06.16.10 9 years ago 15 Comments

Professional cartographer Jonah Adkins has spent the last four years creating and refining a detailed map of the island from “Lost.” He finally put the finishing touches on the high-res map, and much like Neil Patrick Harris, it’s totally gay but kind of cool. Sorry: as much as I’d love to knock the books out of this guy’s hands and give him a swirlie, as a former Marine officer I can’t help but respect and appreciate the work of cartographers. They make accurate artillery fire and air strikes possible, and for that I thank them.

Anyway, this poster is gonna make Adkins a butt-ton of money, but will it be worth the acrimony of angry nerds? Sayeth the io9 commenters:

Definitely has some flaws. 1) Hydra Island is way too close to the main island, and is probably much bigger. 2) Something about the Lighthouse is troublesome, because it obviously sits on a cliff with an unobscured view of the beach – Sayid would have seen it when he found the cable on the beach. Rousseau would have known about it. Charlie and Desmond would have seen it when they disabled the Looking Glass. — icy_one

My only issue is the location of the four-toed statue. When we first see it, Sayid, Jin and Sun were sailing by it with the shore on the sailboat’s port side. That doesn’t match these locations, as far as I can tell. — Lamar Henderson

Oh, Jesus Christ. THESE people again. Have I said recently how happy I am that this wildly overrated show is over? Because I’m grateful for that every day. Anyway, you can check out Warming Glow’s improved version of the map below (Use your right-clicker to view full size). Lobster Dog makes everything better.

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