Tina Fey To Paparazzi When Asked About Taylor Swift: ‘Go F*ck Yourself’

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03.09.13 17 Comments

It’s all over for Tina Fey anyway, considering her recent, sudden assignment to Hell, so she’s planning on going out with a bang. Literally, she’s going to bang Jon Hamm and Martin Sheen and Wayne Brady, then maybe buy a Tracy Jordan Meat Machine or possibly set fire to her former-NBC co-worker Josh Gad because, and I quote, “why not?” Good point, Tina — might as well make the most of your time left on Earth, before you spend the rest of eternity getting poked with fiery hot pitchforks and are forced to listen to John Lennon’s BORING story about changing the cat litter box 27 times a day, while Taylor Swift looks down at you from above. She’s also calling out scumbag celebrity photographers, who really make you wonder if you’re already in Hell.

Recent video footage shows the Admission star brushing off a paparazzi who asked her if she thought Swift overreacted to the joke. Fey laughed at him and responded, “Go f*ck yourself.”

Fey stopped for a moment to talk to a fan who wanted to say hello, and then told the pap “Go f*ck yourself” once again when asked for a comment. (Via)

Argo f*ck your…oh, we’re not doing that anymore. Guess all of those years working with Alec Baldwin really had an effect on Tina, though if she really wants to leave the astral plane in style, she should grab some other photographer’s camera, yell “Lemon out,” take a selfie, then, without looking, throw the camera into the nearest garbage can, all while rocking the sweatpants look. We’re gonna miss you, Tina. Say hi to Amy Poehler for us.

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