Today In ‘Whose Fault Is It That The Entourage Movie Hasn’t Started Filming Yet?’

[spins Entourage Movie Wheel Of Blame]


The Entourage cast and producers can’t seem to hug it out over who’s being paid what for the planned movie. And sources say Jeremy Piven’s backend compensation has some castmembers throwing an Ari Gold-style tantrum.

Piven, who won three straight Emmys playing the agent based on WME’s Ari Emanuel on the HBO comedy, closed his deal for the Warner Bros. movie in early October. But negotiations with co-stars Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Dillon have become heated in part because they want pay more comparable with Piven’s. [THR]

This would seem to clarify Mark Wahlberg’s “soon as them guys stop being so greedy” TMZ quote about the situation, as well as Adrian Grenier’s almost recklessly earnest Instagram message in response. It would also explain (a) why Piven hasn’t spoken out about the situation, because his giant payday is locked in and ready to be delivered once everything starts rolling, and (b) the loud bang you heard a few moments ago, which was Doug Ellin tripping over his coffee table as he sprinted to his laptop to add a line of dialogue to the script where Ari shouts “YEAH, I BET YOU WANT SOME BACKEND COMPENSATION. RIGHT? LLOYD? LLOYD!

[Photo credit: HBO]