Jimmy Fallon And Lena Dunham Played A Rousing Game Of ‘Pyramid’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

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03.19.14 7 Comments

Lena Dunham is an outspoken and often hated personality across the Internet, usually to the point that the comments become uninhabitable to rational thought. And that’s cool, we just shouldn’t be plotting death and mayhem in public.

All that said, she’s pretty delightful in this clip from The Tonight Show featuring her in a game of ‘Pyramid’ alongside Jimmy Fallon, Hugh Dancy and Questlove.

I believe that Jimmy’s overall good guy quality is bit too much here, but it still manages to be a funny clip with Dunham leaving the binary talk at home.

I especially like when Hugh Dancy is unfamiliar with the term “cut the cheese” because it hilariously cost his team the game. You need to stop hunting down artistically crafted murder scenes and bone up on your fart knowledge, sir.

(Via The Tonight Show)

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