Tony Danza Puked On An Airplane And May Have Given Kate Upton The Flu

Former Who’s the Boss? star — and former pen pal of Tupac Shakur — Tony Danza boarded a flight from New York to Los Angeles yesterday, and was seated in first-class with a bunch of fancypants travelers, including SI Swimsuit cover model Kate Upton. Unfortunately for all parties involved, Danza was under the weather at the time.

Danza was spotted vomiting into a paper bag during the flight, which unnerved passengers sitting nearby. A source told us that Danza explained he caught the flu “from his grandson or something.” Some passengers then scurried to switch seats, as to not catch his germs, though Upton stayed put. “I feel bad for him, but stay home if you are sick,” said one fellow flier. [NY Post]

Allow me to explain why this story is important:

  • It informs us that Tony Danza still flies first class. Good for him.
  • It implies that Tony Danza may have given Kate Upton the flu.
  • If you can get past the human suffering involved, that last point is kind of a hilarious sentence.
  • It gave me an excuse to use a picture of Kate Upton as a banner image.
  • It gave me an excuse to remind you all that Tony Danza and Tupac were pen pals, which is still my favorite story of all-time.
  • If the video posted below is to be believed, it means the “fellow flier” who said Tony should have stayed home if he was sick is now in danger of Hologram Tupac showing up at her door and swinging at her.

Ergo, This is an important story.