Tracking The Sophia: 10 New ‘Jumping The Shark’ Terms

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09.12.13 128 Comments
Until I get the world’s first GIF tattoo, I’m going to make 47-year-old Harrison Morgan’s treadmill spill from Sunday’s episode of Dexter my laptop background. It makes me so happy, and my wife already said to turning it into a poster to hang above the bed. Women, am I right? Anyway, yesterday, I suggested that the world start using “Slipping on the Treadmill,” a supersized Jumping the Shark, for when a crappy show gets even crappier. #sott hasn’t trended on Twitter yet, so until it does, let’s think of some other Jump the Shark-esque terms for terrible TV.

After the jump are 10 suggestions for shorthand phrases we should start using for when, say, an otherwise great sci-fi show dedicates an entire episode to black markets and space prostitutes. It’s not as good as it sounds.

Tracking the Sophia (The Walking Dead)

For when a show spends seemingly dozens of episodes caring about a character no one cares about.

Blacking the market (Battlestar Galactica)

For when a show tries to become something it isn’t, i.e. a 1940s film noir. Also, SPACE PROSTITUTES.

Burning the Agrestic (Weeds)

For when a show changes settings, and the characters change with it. Not for the better, either.

Spotting the cougar (24)

For when a show that relies on silly plot developments comes up with the stupidest of ideas.

Fishing the Biscuit (Lost)

For when at least one character is trapped in a boring setting for far too long (see: Under the Dome, too.)

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