Trevor Noah Is Humiliated For Liz Truss That A Head Of Lettuce Outlasted Her Run As Prime Minister

Politics can often be a nasty business, but British politics — at least to Americans — are nasty, confusing, and often downright humiliating. Liz Truss learned this lesson the hard way. On Thursday, Britain’s newest prime minister, who has managed to muck up just about everything since coming into office six weeks ago, announced that she would be stepping down from the role — a decision that ensures Truss will go down in the history books as the shortest-serving PM in more than 300 years of British Parliament.

Trevor Noah’s reaction to the news: “GOD DAMN, BRITAIN! Another one? Another prime minister? And this one only lasted 44 days. Boris Johnson had COVID parties that were longer than that.”

But the part of the story that The Daily Show host found most amusing was that the Daily Star, a British tabloid, had pretty much called it. They correctly guessed that a head of lettuce would last longer than Truss:

The reason Liz Truss lost her job is because she came into office making worse decisions than a company social media manager during Black History Month: Terrible budget plans, firing finance ministers, going back on her own policies, sending the Queen to meet Jesus. Things were going so badly, SO BADLY, that the British press trolled her with vegetables.

Noah had to take a moment to compose himself when delivering the news, which he called “humiliating.”

“Imagine being so bad at your job that you lose a joke contest. Because at first, people were like, ‘Ha ha, I bet she can’t last longer than a head of lettuce.’ And then by the end of it, they were like: ‘Should the lettuce be prime minister?’”

It’s not the worst idea. Or, at least, it’s better than electing Piers Morgan to the post.

You can watch the full clip above, beginning at the 4:00 mark.