Piers Morgan Is (Hopefully) Joking That He Could Be The Next British Prime Minister

Following Liz Truss‘s failure to outlast a head of lettuce by = serving as Britain’s prime minister for only 45 days, Piers Morgan may be throwing his hat in the ring. Whether he’s joking or not, the country has been through enough right now and people are not here for whatever the heck Morgan is doing.

Shortly after the news of Truss’s resignation broke, Morgan tweeted, “It may be time,” along with a photo of himself standing outside the prime minister’s office at 10 Downing Street. If Morgan looks noticeably different in the photo, that’s because it’s 12 years old.

Morgan’s little joke did not go over well, but he should be used to getting roasted on Twitter by now. His obsession with Meghan Markle has been constant fodder for jokes on the social media platform, so you can believe people had strong opinions at just the mere thought of Morgan becoming the next prime minister. Let’s just say, the British did not mince words.

You can see some of the reactions to Morgan below:

As part of his obsession with Markle as well as his conservative leanings, Morgan has routinely fawned over the Royal Family. He has a known history as a fetishist for the inhabitants of Buckingham Palace, so naturally, his ascent to prime minister (humorous or not) is going to get dragged on social media where people are more free to share their real thoughts about the Windsors. The death of Queen Elizabeth II being a recent example of that phenomenon.

(Via Piers Morgan on Twitter)